Primary goals of the Center

Our team will provide consultation and guidance to formerly incarcerated women. Specifically our team of volunteers will help them engage in and navigate the available social and health services available in their communities. Our team will act as liaisons to such agencies and guide women in creating strategies to overcome barriers to accessing available services. Another goal of the Center will be to provide an array of pro-social activities and learning opportunities in a safe and serene environment.

A Place of Serenity

The location and structure will be chosen with the mission of Envisioning Justice Solutions and vision of the Wellness Center in mind. The perfect place will be one of serenity and safety in a spa-like atmosphere.

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What will we offer?

All services and activities offered at our Women’s Wellness Center will be provided by dedicated volunteer professionals from the community. We anticipate creating a monthly menu of social service connections and pro-social activities that encompass a variety of events designed to improve the health and quality of life for this often underserved population of women and their children.  Elements of basic needs will always be available including, toiletries, clothes, diapers, water, books and other donated and purchased items. On-sight services and navigation of social service agencies will include, but not be limited to:

  • Preparedness for employment (resumes, wardrobe, presentation)

  • Information about, and connections to, social service agencies (Government assisted services, child welfare services, health services, mental health services, Medical applications, etc.).

  • Information about, and connections to, immediate service needs (substance use services, shelters/housing, domestic violence counseling, etc.).

  • Child services (tutoring, information about vaccinations, dental care, nutrition, after school programs, and activities, etc.).

  • Accompaniment to court dates and other justice related requirements (if requested).


Our ever-changing menu of activities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Meditation classes and techniques

  • Mindfulness and grounding techniques

  • Education and readings about the impact of trauma in women’s lives

  • Yoga and stretching techniques

  • Women’s self-defense classes

  • Acupuncture

  • Culinary day

  • Beach, hiking, biking, and other outings



An array of professional women in the community has generously offered to be part of this unique and innovative endeavor.  These volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and fields of expertise (including fitness, nutrition, psychology, criminology, medicine, life coaching, motivational speaking, and valuable presentations and discussions from women with lived experience).  Predominantly these professionals and other community volunteers will provide on-sight instruction and facilitation of activities and wellness education to inspire a  healthy and full lifestyle for women as they begin their journey evolving in their freedom.


Free transportation will be provided for all services and activities offered by the Center. Large passenger vehicles donated or purchased will allow the Envisioning Justice Solutions team to transport women to and from the Center, as well as potentially providing necessary transportation for other individual needs (e.g., transportation to court dates or job interviews).   We will have a monthly schedule of events and registration available on our website as well as registration rosters at multiple locations throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The registration will outline pick up points, times, and return schedules.

Employment Opportunities

The Center will always list up-to-date employment opportunities for the women. Moreover, as the Center develops, we can provide job opportunities for formerly incarcerated women as part of our Envisioning Justice Solutions team.  

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